Because good taste matters.

Water with an impact.

But not on the environment.

Why others choose Freyr Water

At Freyr Water, we are dedicated to providing premium-quality, pure, source water. With a focus on purity and taste, we ensure that every drop of water that leaves our facility meets the highest standards. Our clean and pure water source exceeds Norwegian governmental regulations. 

So why choose Freyr Water?

Because your capacity needs can be met.

Whether you need water for small-scale bottling operations or large-scale production, we have the capacity to meet your needs. We ship water in bulk to countries and companies who want to provide safe, clean, pure drinking water to their customers.

Because you care about good tasting water.

At Freyr Water, we understand that access to clean water is not only critical for humanitary purposes, but also a crucial ingredient for a wide range of products, and we take pride in delivering water that enhances the quality of your products and the taste of your beverages. 

Because we know how.

Partnering with Freyr Water means choosing a reliable and trusted water supplier for your bottling company. Our experienced team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that your water needs are met on time, every time.

Because you get a guaranteed high quality water supply.

With Freyr Water, you can have confidence in the integrity of your water supply, allowing you to focus on producing exceptional products that your customers will love. Choose Frey Water and experience the difference in quality and service for your bottling company. We have exclusive distribution rights to our primary water source in Norway, ensuring you the best deals for pure water. 

Because we have good taste.

We can provide great-tasting water and design services (and bottling requirements) should you want to use our own Frey Water branding at your bottling plant.

Lower environmental impact.

The company specialises in providing tailored quality services for the water industry, with minimal environmental impact. We do this by shipping water in bulk instead of in bottles, and by requiring a larger minimum order to reduce the amount of transportation needed to get the water from Norway to its destination. We also leave our natural waters intact for future generations.

The origin of the name Freyr

We wanted a name that reminded us of Norway, honoured our heritage, and celebrated our love of nature and the environment. Norse mythology provided the perfect figure for us: Freyr.

(For marketing purposes we also call ourselves the

anglicised version of Freyr: Frey)

Freyr (Old Norse for "Lord") is the main fertility god in Norse mythology. He is associated with harvests, sun and rain, virility, weddings, and wealth. This made him a very important god in Viking Age Scandinavian society, which was predominantly agricultural.

Freyr is the most prominent god of the Vanir family of gods, as opposed to the Aesir family. His connection with fertility is not just personal, but is also very much connected to the land and its produce. This is why there is so much evidence of a cult of Freyr in Norse mythology and culture.

Here are some fun facts about Freyr:

  • He is the son of the sea god Njord and the goddess Skadi.
  • His twin sister is the goddess Freyja.
  • Freyr is often depicted riding a golden-bristled boar named Gullinbursti.
  • He owns a magical sword called Skirnir, which can fight on its own.
  • Freyr is said to be so handsome that the sun shines brighter when he looks at it.

Freyr was a beloved god of the Norse people, and his worship was widespread. He was associated with peace, prosperity, and new beginnings. His name is still used today in Norway and other Scandinavian countries, and his legacy continues to inspire people who love nature and the environment.

Jarle Stueflotten

CEO & Co-Founder

Our mission is to share our pristine water with countries and companies who do not have access to such pure, clean, source water as we do, whilst also limiting the environmental impact.

Our Executive Team

Jarle Steen Stueflotten, CEO & President

Norwegian business entrepreneur specialised in disruptive energy technologies. Executive business education from INSEAD (France), IMD (Switzerland) and Babson (USA). Thirty years of accumulated experience and hands-on know-how from international business.

Izabella Stueflotten, Global Vice President of Sales

Swedish sales and marketing professional specialised in international business development. Master of Business & Administration (MBA) in International Management. Twenty years of experience in international establishment & growth of businesses.

Pure Norwegian Source Water. Delivered.

Experience the refreshing taste of Freyr Water, the highest quality bulk pure water available in the market. Sourced from an award-winning lake in Norway, our water is known for its purity and pristine quality.

At Freyr Water, we take pride in delivering the best water at a competitive price. Our bulk water is carefully transported in sterile crates to maintain its freshness and cleanliness. With FOB and CIF delivery options, we ensure convenience for our customers. Additionally, we can provide test reports to guarantee the quality of our product. Choose Freyr Water for a reliable source of high-quality water for your business needs.